AS creative as you are

Flexible fees to fit your business

Flexible to fit YOU.

Your business is unique and ever-changing, which is why Chrissy does not offer a one-size fits all rate.

Instead, she provides services under a variety of fee arrangements designed to suit your legal and branding needs wherever your business may be on its growth path.

Hourly rate

For many legal projects, like contract review, Chrissy charges an hourly rate, billed in increments of one-sixth of an hour.

flat fee

For some legal projects, like website audits, course disclaimers, and social media training, a flat fee will make more sense.

subscription model

If you want more access to Chrissy or would prefer the convenience of an on-call attorney or branding consultant, Chrissy offers subscription packages. You’ll get the convenience of “in-house counsel” at attractive rates and the peace of mind having Chrissy in your corner when you need her.