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“Lifestyle design” is a term you’ve probably heard in recent years, especially since life after the Internet has allowed many of us to start working our jobs around our lives instead of living our lives around our work.

You may have heard it described as:

  • intentional living or living life with intention
  • living purposefully or
  • conscious living.

And I’m sure you’ve seen celebrity entrepreneurs who post envy-inducing social media snaps of exotic adventures and being able to slow down at a moment’s notice. Of course, I personally have devoured my fair share of best-sellers devoted to the subject.

But the concept of lifestyle design is nothing new.

And it’s not something reserved only for entrepreneurs or millennials or off the grid folks. Nor is it difficult or complicated. Simply put, lifestyle design is planning + execution, which people have been doing for decades upon decades. The difference today is that we have so many more choices and so much more freedom that the process can be overwhelming.

Lifestyle design is the process of making conscious choices in order to reach your goals in any area of your life.


intentional-living-journalAt the most basic level, all you need is 1) time to set your intentions and 2) something to record them with.

This can be writing for five minutes every evening before bed in your journal or ten minutes in the morning logging on your laptop. You can set aside one hour on the weekend to chart your weekly or monthly goals or you can go on a weekend retreat to create your 5-year and 10-year plans.

There are so many journals and programs to choose from and I’ll share those in another post. I also offer a guided lifestyle design experience that puts you in the driver’s seat so you can continue to use the tools you’ve learned after completion of your program with me.

Think of it this way:

You can either wake up, get dressed, get through your day’s checklist, go to sleep and wake up with another day crossed off the calendar, or you can live your life by design and focus all your decisions around how you can meet your intentions and goals.

If you’ve ever wondered where you’re going, what you’re doing in life or a relationship, or whether there is any true purpose or meaning in your life or your job, then you need to start designing your life today!

The alternative to designing a life you love is to live by simply putting one foot in front of another and then looking back to see what type of path you’ve formed. It’s the kind that feels safe, familiar – and boring. You may be content, but not fulfilled. You could feel settled down comfortably, but not especially enthusiastic about the future because you know it will be more of the same. And more often than not, you aren’t energized about how what you’re doing today is going to ensure the best tomorrow – you’re just making sure everything gets done.

I’ve lived both types of lives and sometimes I have chosen the day-by-day trudge out of necessity. We all do what we have to do. But I never stay in that slumberous state for long because I’m always working on designing the daily slog out of my lifestyle.

Let me know in the comments below what’s stopping you from designing your best life. Is it not having enough time, not knowing where to start, or feeling overwhelmed by the process? We’ve got you covered!

looking forward to designing our best lives together!


Find Your Freedom

Weekly Lessons in Designing Your Best Life

Your Journey Starts Now!
We respect your privacy and never share your information.