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gentle guidance towards personal peace

Our most valuable “possession” in life is our freedom.

Only when we learn to be at peace with ourselves and the world around us, are we free to be our truest selves so that we can:

  • Live our best lives
  • Enjoy happiness
  • Spread love and
  • Enrich the lives of those around us.

Everyone has the power to harness personal freedom through the Buddhist principle of LETTING GO.

As your Mindfulness Mentor and Lifestyle Architect, Chrissy will help you become comfortable with letting go so you can experience the life you were meant to live based on your own definition of happiness and success.

Chrissy-WatsonA rare balance of left brain analytical skills and creative right brain intuition, Chrissy takes a uniquely holistic approach to personal lifestyle design and brand consulting. Read more about Chrissy’s story here.

And by combining almost two decades of legal and business training with lifelong experience as a creative and a mindfulness practitioner, she will gently guide you through a thoughtful lifestyle design experience that is as focused on the journey process as it is in delivering results.

Peacefulness is not just your end goal, but will infuse your entire process.

We all deserve to live our most authentic lives so we can be our best selves and serve others in the highest possible way.


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