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Mindful Living: Not Just for Buddhists


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Many of us think of “mindfulness” as a Buddhist philosophy that tells us to live in the now. A lot of us also think of it as something new age-y or some strange hippie woo woo. We might also associate meditation, chanting or other spiritual rituals with mindfulness. And the media often tells us that mindfulness is equal to “goodness,” especially when it wants to sell us a health, diet or exercise product.

But what is mindfulness exactly?

Let’s first examine what it isn’t. Mindfulness is not just:

  • meditating
  • doing yoga
  • living for the moment or #YOLO
  • practicing rituals or making offerings
  • trying to be “good” or “right”

Mindfulness is a state of equanimity when our minds are aware of the present moment and we let go of past or future thoughts or perceptions.

There is no good, no bad, no right and no wrong when we are being mindful. Our mind observes what is going on at a  given moment and we let those observations be without making judgments or classifications about what we perceive.

yoga-mindfulWe don’t need to follow specific rituals to be mindful – unless we find it helps our practice. Eating healthfully, doing yoga, going for walks or meditating may be tools that help in our mindful practice, but they are certainly not required for mindful living.

Mindfulness is a practice. It is a way of living, not a fixed or permanent state of being.

You may reach a state of mindfulness temporarily, but like the ebb and flow of your day or your mood, how mindful you are will vary from moment to moment. None of us is completely mindful all the time and there are varying degrees of mindfulness.

If someone tells you they are a “mindfulness expert” or that they have “mastered” mindfulness, they probably aren’t mindfully choosing their words! There is no such thing as an expert or master of mindfulness because it is a living practice that we continually learn to understand and improve – just like our physical fitness.

Mindfulness is for everyone. You don’t need to be Buddhist to practice or enjoy the benefits of mindful living.

Mindful living will work for you regardless of your religious affiliation, your age, your occupation or how “good” or “right” you think you are. There is no wrong way to practice mindfulness and it’s never too late to start.

Thank you for joining us on your gentle journey to personal peace and freedom!

Let me know in the comments below what your biggest questions or concerns are about the concept of mindfulness or how to develop your mindful lifestyle so we can better serve YOU.

Looking forward to sharing this journey together!

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Find Your Freedom

Weekly Lessons in Designing Your Best Life

Your Journey Starts Now!
We respect your privacy and never share your information.