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Experiencing the present moment through the practice of mindfulness helps us connect with what is happening within and around us so we can more skillfully respond to inner and outer stimuli. By developing this quality of awareness, we gain a clearer understanding of our internal and external circumstances, which allows us to move out of (often harmful) reactivity and towards a more skillful response. 

Sometimes accessing the present moment can seem impossible or uncomfortable, especially if the practice is new or we are experiencing a period of intensified distress. To help navigate and support your mindfulness and meditation journey, I offer free mindfulness education resources on my Universati™ educational platform, where I provide Mindful Education for All.

As a Professional-Level Certified Mindfulness Teacher (IMTA CMT-P), Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center + Awareness Training Institute), Mayo Clinic-trained Wellness Coach, Martha Beck-trained Wayfinder Life Coach, heritage Thai Buddhist and lifelong mindfulness practitioner, I look forward to partnering with you on your path towards:

  • increased clarity;
  • a stronger sense of equanimity;
  • improved resilience;
  • enhanced performance; and 
  • greater well-being.


As a parent of a child with anorexia nervosa, I also work with parents, schools and organizations to support mindful caregiving and provide free Eating Disorder Education resources on my EDUniversati™ change platform.

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1:1 sessions

Personalized training for incorporating mindfulness into your personal, parenting or professional life; beginning or developing your meditation practice; and lived experience peer coaching for eating disorder caregivers.


Learn in small group mindfulness and meditation classes or attend live and virtual eating disorder caregiver support groups.


Bring Chrissy into your organization for a bespoke mindfulness or meditation experience or for educational training on child and adolescent eating disorder prevention, treatment and recovery.

free resources

Visit for free resources on living, loving, and leading more mindfully and for free eating disorder education resources.

vipassana insight meditation

Free Meditations

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Simple Meditations

Access free guided meditations suitable for use on your own or with a group. Choose what works best for you in any moment at any time.
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Free Video Series

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Step-by-step video guides to help you start your meditation practice, improve your performance mindfully and increase your quality of well-being. Progress on your wellness journey on your own schedule.
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Free Guides

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insightful support

Simple, easy to understand guides on the topics of mindfulness, wellness and well-being to help you on your path towards an easeful quality of mind, body, and heart.
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I am a Mindfulness Teacher, Mindful Performance + Wellness Coach and Eating Disorder Educator & Advocate. 

I partner with people seeking to increase their personal well-being & improve their professional performance and help organizations implement a sustainable culture of well-being. As the mother of a child with anorexia nervosa, I offer mindful caregiver coaching for those helping loved ones battle an eating disorder.

  • > For Mindful Performance + Wellness Coach clients, we will work together 1:1 to design your ideal personal wellness or professional performance vision and develop a customized path for achieving the outcomes you desire in a healthy, sustainable way

> For Mindfulness Students, we will collaboratively explore ways you can experience increased well-being – including improved levels of self-awareness, clarity, calm, resilience and strength – through safe, simple, effective mindfulness techniques. 

> For Eating Disorder Caregivers, I provide 1:1 peer coaching and group support to help you get through this incredibly difficult journey with gentle care and firm guidance.

You can read more about my background and approach here.

Discover current Mindful Education offerings at

Find free Eating Disorder Education resources at

Visit the Universati™ platform if:

>You are ready to raise your overall level of well-being and live in the healthiest, happiest, fullest expression of you

>You want to experience more ease, clarity and resilience in your life and relationships by incorporating simple mindfulness practices into your daily life

>You are a workplace leader or resource coordinator looking for a mindful wellness program for your company, organization, or school

Visit the EDUniversati™ platform if:

>You are a parent or caregiver to a child or adolescent battling an eating disorder

>You are an educator unsure how to create a body-neutral, non-fat-phobic, non-thin-bias, all foods fit, food freedom health & nutrition curriculum for your class

>You want to join forces as an eating disorder advocate!

Curious and not sure where to begin? You can access free meditations, videos, guides and other resources on the Universati™ platform and the EDUniversati™ change platform. When you’re ready for more personalized training, contact chrissy[at]chrissywatson[dot]com.

No prior experience is necessary for wellness coaching clients, mindfulness students or eating disorder caregivers. We will explore simple, accessible practices together in a safe, supportive environment. 

If you are brand new to the concept of mindful well-being, you’re just where you need to be.

Wellness coaching can be helpful if you are a) contemplating making a change in any area of your personal or professional life and want to evaluate your options or begin your visioning process for the transition or b) ready to take the leap and would like a supportive partner in the behavioral change or transition process. 

A mindfulness teacher can assist you in learning how to incorporate mindfulness practices into daily life to find more ease or peace in your relationships, work life, communication skills, health management, self-talk habits, and more.

Mindfulness and Wellness are two interrelated disciplines that complement each other. If you’re interested in experiencing an easeful, integrated quality of life and increasing your overall well-being with a mindful approach, we can craft classes or sessions tailored to your specific needs.

If you’re still not sure, you can book a free 15-minute discovery call before applying for a private session.

No; they are not religious. No particular religious background is needed or is in conflict with any teaching, programming or coaching.

Universati is a play on words combining “university” + “sati.” Sati means “mindfulness” in Thai and ancient Pali. 

EDUniversati (™) is the same play on words combining “university” + “sati” and adding the prefix “ED,” which stands for “eating disorder.”

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Chrissy Watson, J.D., M.B.A., CMT-P, founded the Universati™ platform to provide Mindful Education for All and the EDUniversati™ change platform to provide free eating disorder education resources and caregiver support.

Chrissy is a former federal criminal prosecutor, civil litigator & research university contracts officer; an American-born heritage Buddhist; Professional-level Mindfulness Teacher; Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher; Mayo Clinic-trained Health & Wellness Coach; Martha Beck-trained Wayfinder Life Coach; and mother of two, on a mission to make the mindful way of life accessible to all and EDucate parents, schools and organizations about eating disorder prevention, treatment and recovery.

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